Point of Sale (POS) Systems

  • Best-In-Class POS System
  • Our POS systems gives you and your staff unparalleled ease-of-use, customizability, and manager-focused time-savers.
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Streamline your back-of-house operations, reduce waste, and cut food costs to boost profitability.

Clover Point of Sale System Options

Clover Mini

Clover Mini runs on cloud-based software so you can access your business information wherever you are and as you grow, you can do even more with the business management apps from the growing App Market.

Clover Station

Clover Station is a product that’s custom-built for the needs of your business. From the fluid motion of the credit card swipe to the high-end finishes, it’s built to perform as well as it looks.

Data One Point of Sale

Founded by a team of payment industry experts, Data One Point of Sales sole purpose is to provide businesses with affordable payment solutions and enable them to grow and scale with ease. Today, we provide services to thousands of businesses.


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